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Hymie Weiss: The Man Who Challenged Capone for Chicago in the 1920s

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Suggested Reading

The Outfit by Gus Russo

Historic Photos of Chicago Crime: The Capone Era by John Russick

The Gangs of Chicago: An Informal History of the Chicago Underworld by Herbert Asbury

Murder City: The Bloody History of Chicago by Michael Lesy



Back flap: Credit for author photo should read “Lizz Kannenberg.”

P. 168—First paragraph, “Robert Anselmi” should read “Albert Anselmi.”

P. 180–"Flagler Avenue" should read "Flagler Street."

P. 181—First paragraph should read “Sewell,” not “Swell.”

P. 188—First paragraph, “Reinhardt” should read “Reinhart.”

P. 188—Second paragraph should read “Webster Avenue,” not “Webster Place.”

P. 189—Fourth full paragraph should read “two Tommys and one twelve-gauge shotgun.”

P. 199—Second full graf should read “Twentieth Ward,” not “Twenty-fourth.”

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