Frankie Yale

Frankie Yale was born Francesco Ioele in Calabria, Italy. He made his money in New York in the early 1900s by organizing ice deliverymen into a powerful racket. On a rowdy stretch of Coney Island, Yale opened his own saloon: the Harvard Inn. The name was his idea of a joke. The place was anything but Ivy League. It was filthy and dangerous. Yale developed a reputation as one of the most ruthless men in New York, a reliable killer for hire. He also had an eye for talent. It was Yale who hired Al Capone to work as a dishwasher, and later as a bouncer and bartender. Yale and Capone would remain connected for years. Though he was the primary suspect in the murders of Diamond Jim Colosimo and Dean O’Banion, Yale was never charged. He was assassinated on July 1, 1928 in Brooklyn, New York City’s first machine-gun victim. Most people believed that Capone ordered the hit.


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