Alphonse "Scarface"

Scarface. Snorky. The Big Fellow. The King of Crime. The Boss. Call him what you want, but have no doubt of his power. Capone once conquered the entire city of Chicago. He corrupted and crippled the city’s police force and court system, rendered mayors “Big Bill” Thompson and William Dever as harmless and obedient as laps dogs, and made nearly all of the city’s working class and well-heeled inhabitants subject to his villainous organization.

As the ruthless mastermind of a staggering underworld empire based in booze, prostitution, and gambling, Capone probably ordered mob boss rivals Hymie Weiss and “Schemer” Drucci machine-gunned to death in broad daylight, allegedly brained disloyal associates John Scalise and Albert Anselmi with a baseball bat at a sumptuous dinner party, and ordered the grisly demise of untold others. He had rendered the U.S. Constitution’s Eighteenth Amendment and the federal Volstead Act so inconsequential, that the job of stopping his tyrannical reign finally fell to Herbert Hoover, the president of the United States. In an era devoid of international radio broadcasts, satellite television, and the Internet, he nevertheless became instantly recognizable worldwide. Today, his name is still synonymous with crime. The legend lives on.


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