Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson always wanted to be a cop, like his father, who had walked a beat in Buffalo. But Wilson’s eyesight was awful, and he would never qualify for any job that required firing a gun. Instead, he became an accountant. But not an ordinary accountant. He became an accountant with the bulldog attitude of a cop. And he found the ideal job when he went to work as a chief investigator for the Bureau of Internal Revenue. When President Hoover ordered every agency at his disposal to get involved in the pursuit of Capone, Wilson became the lead investigator in the tax case against the gangster. Defying death threats, Wilson went after Capone with a vengeance. He pored through bank books and tracked down Capone’s bookkeepers. How did he get the gangster’s men to testify against their boss? Wilson, in his own mild-mannered but relentless way, must have frightened the thugs more than Capone.


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