Herbet Hoover

Herbert Hoover became president at a time of unmatched economic prosperity. He vowed to keep it going. As he took office in 1929, he envisioned a nation of great riches and lasting peace. The biggest problem he planned to address was crime. In fact, he was the first candidate for president to make crime-fighting a central issue in his campaign. America’s justice system was broken. Cops were corrupt. Judges were easily bought. Criminals routinely escaped punishment. And Prohibition had made it all worse. Hoover intended to clean things up. He planned to begin by making an example of America’s most notorious gangster, Al Capone. New evidence reveals that Hoover was a central figure in the plot to get Capone. Even when the Great Depression hit and most of Hoover's grand plans were ruined, he never stopped obsessing over Capone. He wanted the man in jail, and he would not rest until the job was done.


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